"Her song ‘Pieces’ was one of my favorite songs, and I own her first ever CD."

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im going to BED i got work bright and early but monday is over and on to tuesday and wednseday and soon enough FRIDAY!

if you watched da bachelorette come in my inbox and tell me your thoughts (im particularly interested in your thoughts on nick’s comment) and ill read them and respond tomorrow!

goodnight my friends


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YES! i love the intro so much and even though her voice sounds different at the same time it has that HILARY sound!! one of my favorite parts of her voice has always been the little cracks at the end of words and u can still hear that for sure

YEAAAAHHHH! just the “chasing the sun” part sounds just like her like that undeniable VOICE that i love so much. and yes the intro is good. its a really good, chill summer vibe out song. its not AMAZING or anything but i think its a good choice to sort of reintroduce her and then the second single i have a feeling is going to be crazy good. im really pumped for this album.

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I completely agree. There was no need to even mention that. He took things a little too far. Honestly, in the beginning I liked him, but as the season went on, I kept disliking him. Like he was to obsessive with her. I’m glad she didn’t pick him.

yeah i agree i dont feel like he’s a bad person or anything but there’s just some red flags there completely. for an entire group of guys to dislike him is a red flag in general. sure its natural for one or two people to not get along but everyone was in agreement that they didnt like him. and she kept saying like it was all passion and intense and while those are good things you could tell it was probably just too much. i understand what andi was saying about how she would spent every moment over analyzing like i think it was just a 0 to 100 thing—he was probably intense all the time which can be tiring. and while i do think she may have lead him on a bit, he still didnt have to say that haha

IT’S SO MUCH HIGHER NOW i cant tell if its autotuned like crazy or if it’s just naturally changed that much. tbh i miss the more raw vocals BUT IDEC I LOVE THE SONG

I THINK ITS A LITTLE BIT OF BOTH like the “ooooohs” are oldschool hilary they literally sound like i cant wait in every way possible. some parts sound just like her and then other parts im like who is that??/? and i agree with you but its only one song we’ve got a whole album i have a feeling we’ll hear less processed vocals for sure. for now i will groove forever

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the more i listen to ‘chasing the sun’ the more i dont even recognize her voice its cRAZY its changed so much


i just DONt EVEN KNOW i didnt think he would do that and im so conflicted i think it was ridiculous and not necessary and he easily could have alluded to it in different words but at the same time he needed closure i think and he knew this was going to be his only chance to talk to her but i still cant believe he said it. its funny cause when i think of the shit you hear on other reality shows thats not even like a comment youd think twice about but for some reason i was shocked.

does anyone watch the bachelorette? (yall already know i like embarrassing shit so i dont even need to justify myself anymore) causE ALL I WANNA DO IS TALK ABOUT NICK’S COMMENT ON AFTER THE FINAL ROSE LOLZ

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Anonymous: "does hilary sounds live exactly as in the studio?"

I’ve only seen her live once it was back in 05 and I thought she sounded great. I do think she sang to back track of course but I’m confident I heard some live vocals. She’s not the most talented live singer in world or have a crazy, powerhouse voice but I do think she’s pretty talented singing live. As far as exactly like in the studio, it’s a little different I’d say.

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So quite obviously I am a massive TSwift fan but anyone who has known me my entire life knows that my first true love in this world was Hilary Duff. This was a fact. Every single person I had ever met knew this about me…it’s probably embarrassing but in my life I discovered I’d rather like the things I like than pretend to enjoy things I simply don’t. When I was eight years old, I fell in love with Hilary Duff, I watched Lizzie McGuire religiously and I bought every piece of music I possibly could. I have this folder in my closet with every single ‘pull out Hilary Duff’ poster from back in the day…it even has my local newspaper’s original review of The Lizzie McGuire Movie. I saw every movie (except The Perfect Man and Material Girls because I do got some dignity and those didn’t interest me regardless) and owned them all. The only reason I’m saying all of this is because I want to try and put it into perspective the impact she had on my life growing up. When I think of growing up, I think of Hilary Duff. That may seem crazy but it’s true. I followed her all the way through 07 with Dignity, one of my favorite albums to date and even when she “faded away,” I saw and own every single indie movie she’s in even if it was just for five minutes. My love hasn’t faded and I don’t think it ever will…but it is true that she went away for a little while and things were relatively quiet on that front. It was at that time I found Taylor and I had something to follow nearly every day. But I sat and waited for Hilary to come back and deliver and here I am today listening to the first single from her upcoming album and I’m feeling crazy nostalgic and I’m just very happy that I got to grow up with someone so awesome and that I can sit here as a 21 year old and think back and remember the first time I saw Hilary Duff on a commercial on Disney, the first time I heard I Can’t Wait, the opening night of The Lizzie McGuire Movie, buying every CD, and now here 13 years later still having the opportunity to listen to someone who I care for very much. It’s a pretty cool feeling.