It's like I've got this music in my mind--saying "it's gonna be alright."

mychoiceisyou13 replied to your post: You say you don’t want Taylor hanging out with the Kennedy family after all they’ve done, yet all the horrible actions you listed that the Kennedy’s took part in were done by Ted Kennedy, JPK Sr, and JFK. In case you haven’t noticed, they are all dead. Taylor’s not hanging out with any of the people that did the horrible things you referenced.

I get that. I actually do and I agree to an extent and I’m sure she’s honestly thought about that cause she’s big on image, but I still don’t think you can let things like that rule how you feel about someone. IDK lol

and i agree with you too. i’m not completely one-sided on this even if i came off like a douche in my first post hahaha i understand that if you like someone, you like someone and that just because your older relatives did some crappy things, it doesn’t make you a bad person and i for real get that and we all know taylor is a hopeless romantic

i guess i’m more annoyed because i’m not really comfortable with the whole family, not to mention i can already see the negative press she’ll get from people who feel MUCH MORE strongly about it than me. you and all the fans are happy because taylor looks happy but not everyone will share that sentiment and i just wish it was someone else, that’s all!

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  1. thisfightisworthwhile said: Hahaha okay I think we’re in the same situation cause honestly I’m not very fond of the family at all either, and there def will be some negative reactions but she just looks so damn happy that its hard to be upset! Lol
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