It's like I've got this music in my mind--saying "it's gonna be alright."

flashbacks-in-echoes replied to your post: flashbacks-in-echoes replied to your post: oh my…

they should have said that there wasn’t transportation provided. I would have loved to win tickets too but I’m half way across the country

mychoiceisyou13 replied to your post: oh my god so yesterday ellen tweeted about winning…

That’s what I was worried about! I didn’t even try entering it because I can’t afford a plane ticket to California. I’m sorry though.

I know seriously! I’m not trying to sound like a brat or anything I am so thankful for the opportunity I just wish I had known that it’d only be tickets. I should have assumed anyway but I figured if they were tweeting to all followers and not just those “in the CA area” or whatever, that transportation would be provided but I guess not. I’m more upset that I pray for something like that EVERY SINGLE DAY and I finally get the opportunity and there’s no way I can get there.

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